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How often should I have my house washed?
We recommend having your house washed every 1 to 2 years. This greatly reduce the harmful algae, mold, and
other contaminant that build up on the exterior of your home causing damage to paint and siding.

Can the detergent kill plants and grass?
The simple answer is yes, however, dilution and neutralization of the detergent is a part of the process. The
detergent ultimately is biodegradable and after neutralization is no more harmful than pool water. Proper process iskey to ensuring safe use of the detergent.

When you clean concrete will I see striping or zig zag patterns?
The marks come from the use of a wand or cleaning to fast with a surface cleaner. We use state of the art 20”
surface cleaners to clean the concrete and then rinse it with a spray tip on a wand. We also pre-treat and post treat
concrete to prevent algae from coming back quickly. You will never see those marks when we finish cleaning.

What doe the term "soft wash" mean?
Soft washing is a cleaning method using biodegradable detergents and solutions to safely remove algae, mildew,
bacteria and other organic stains off of exterior surfaces all using low pressure. It’s much safer for vinyl and painted
surfaces and follows most siding manufacturers recommendations for cleaning vinyl.

If it’s a house wash or roof wash we require:
• All windows closed and locked.
• All exterior lights must be turned off.
• Any potted plants or fabrics of any kind should be moved approximately 15 feet from the house.
• Anyone that may be entering or leaving the house during the service should be made aware that the detergent can stain clothing and that hoses, machines, ladders and other trip hazards may be present.
• If it’s a concrete cleaning service we ask that no vehicles are present and that the area is clear including along the
front or side curb.
• If it’s gutter cleaning service we ask that anyone entering or leaving the house is aware that ladders may be outside
a door and that the contents of the gutter will be falling from overhead.

Will the house wash leave my windows clean?
The exterior of your windows is soaped and rinsed during our house washing process. However, we do not
squeegee or dry them by hand.

Will surface cleaning remove oil/rust stains from my driveway?
Stains may lighten up in color, but our process is not designed to remove oil/rust stains or inorganic marks.

Will high pressure damage my home?
Yes, high pressure can damage the exterior as well as the interior of your home. Using high pressure on windows,
doorways, and siding can break the weather stripping and seals, forcing water into the home causing damage to
sheetrock walls and ceilings or wood floors. Not to mention the unseen damage inside exterior walls from mold and
mildew or electrical damage. Perfect Force uses only softwash methods for cleaning these areas of the home.

Why should I choose a professional for exterior home cleaning services?
The surfaces, cleaning products, and pressure all play a role in how clean your surface will get. And just as
important, how long they will stay clean too. We understands what it takes to clean even the most difficult surfaces
and we have the products, the equipment and knowledge to guarantee the exterior of your home will be the envy of
your neighbors

Is the detergent you use simply bleach?
We do use Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) as part of the mix in our detergent, but it is not simply bleach. We use part
commercial strength SH, and part commercial stabilizing surfactant. The surfactant provides the SH with the ability
to cling to the surface so that it can neutralize the algae and break up grime with minimal run off. It’s also diluted to
a specific ratio for specific surfaces and neutralized once the cleaning process has finished.

What surfaces do you clean?
We can clean almost any flat surface except for asphalt. This includes concrete, pavers, stone, brick, swimming
pool decks, patios, wood, etc. For homes, buildings and other structures, we can clean almost anything except for